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Brazil and UK commit to developing enhanced foreign policy relationship

Posted by Claire Leal on Sunday, June 8, 2014, In : Brazil and UK foreign policy relationship 
Brazil and the UK will continue to promote greater bilateral trade and investment between the UK and Brazil and reaffirmed their commitment to avoid protectionism. They strongly support a balanced and ambitious Association Agreement between Mercosul and the EU. The two Foreign Ministers welcomed the positive contribution made by the Joint Economic and Trade Committee meetings, and looked forward to the first meeting of the bilateral CEOs’ Forum later this year.

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Question posted on 07/07/12: Nice blog :) Can your please tell me the difference between relatorio, informe and laudo. I think a the first is just a report as in business or the army. Laudo is a formal written expression of opinion by an expert I am not quite sure about informe. It seems to be a piece of information handed over (verbally or written) Maybe briefing is the best translation.

Answer: Yes, you're mostly right but don't forget that the audience and the context play a role in "tuning up" the right translation. The term "o informe" can be translated as note, communication, message, news, report, word, information, statement, intelligence, announcement, disclosure, dispatch, to list a few. I can't pick one without knowing the text and context. I hope this helps!

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