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in English

One to One Portuguese Lessons

  • Learn or improve your Portuguese if you are looking for Free Portuguese Learning Resources on line. 
  • Or if you require executive Portuguese Training, you can have your staff trained at a time that is convenient to you through classes designed specifically for your business needs in a course that gradually introduces vocabulary specific to your sector, whether it is social, business, financial, diplomatic, legal, tourism or hospitality.
  • Increase your business by investing in your employees like our corporate clients, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Gecko, Rolls-Royce and The University of Birmingham.
  • Ranging from intensive one-to-one Portuguese (Brazil) private courses at your home to a corporate language training at your Porto office, we can provide you and your organisation with a face-to-face language course and tutor that meet your needs.
  • We also provide distant lessons online, translations and consecutive interpreting.

em Português

Escola de Português para Estrangeiros

  • Aprenda ou melhore o seu Português, se você está procurando Recursos Grátis de Aprendizagem online.
  • Ou, se você precisar de treinamento personalizado de Português para estrangeiros in-company, você pode ter sua equipe treinada à hora que for conveniente para você através de aulas preparadas especificamente para suas necessidades de negócios em um curso que introduz gradualmente vocabulário específico para o seu setor, seja ele social, empresarial, financeiro , diplomático, jurídico, turismo ou hotelaria.
  • Aumente o seu negócio, investindo em seus funcionários como os nossos clientes corporativos, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Gecko, Rolls-Royce e University of Birmingham.
  • Desde aula personalizada de Português Brasileiro em sua residência até um treinamento VIP de linguagem corporativa para executivo em sua empresa em Birmingham, Londres ou Oxford, nós podemos fornecer a você e a sua organização um curso presencial de idioma que atenda às suas necessidades.
  • Nós também fornecemos aulas à distância online, traduções e interpretação consecutiva.

Portuguese Language Coach

  • Being fluent in Portuguese means more than being able to sustain a day-to-day conversation with a native speaker.
  • It can also mean being able to hold an intellectually sophisticated conversation about any subject.

What can I offer?

  • I was educated to be a teacher at the best school of Latin America and a world class university, the University of Sao Paulo. My teaching draws on the many and varied interests of our female and male clients. This means that you can expect to study in a stimulating environment.
  • I will help you clarify your goals so you can refine your approach. This will have a positive impact on your learning skills and performance. As a result, you'll keep on target, on track and experience yourself improving as well as enjoying yourself.


"Claire provides excellent tailored Portuguese lessons to suit the learner. I have found her to be professional, knowledgeable and always well prepared. Following my lessons with her I organized a 7 month stay in northern Portugal for me and my family, entirely in Portuguese. Claire is a delight to work with and involves tutees in the wider Portuguese/Brazilian community where desired."

January 5, 2012 -- Z. Hoida, Sutton Coldfield

 "I started to learn Portuguese about 11 months ago. The pace of the lectures is about right. The lecturer combines grammar, text and conversation to make it more interesting. I really enjoy her lectures. She is very helpful, flexible and adjusts the lectures to my progress and needs. Unfortunately, I had less time for revision in the past couple of months, but I still feel that attending the lectures is useful for my progress. I would highly recommend her to anybody who wants to learn this beautiful language."

January 6, 2011-- Professor S. Németh, University of Birmingham

Inspiring and Connecting People.